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Personal Insurance

Personal insurance is all about you. It’s about protecting yourself, your belongings, and your health. Nobody plans out what would happen in case an unforeseen incident occurs, such as a death or a life-threatening injury that leaves them permanently disabled. Of course, that’s the last thing that any person would want to think about. However, if you have a family and people who are dependent on you, it’s important that you plan for the unexpected and take the right steps to protect your loved ones in case anything happens to you.

Buying a personal health insurance policy does just that. It gives you the peace of mind that you need to move on with your life without having to constantly worry about what would happen in case of a serious medical emergency. At Accord Insurance, we will help you find the insurance product that best suits your requirements. Basically, personal insurance will serve as a financial cushion for your family in case of a sudden demise. If you are suffering from a serious medical illness, the personal insurance will help you cover the costs of treatment. In case you have sustained an injury that leads to a permanent disability and eventually prevents you from working, the personal insurance policy will help provide some financial backing to help you transition to a new lifestyle.

Factors for Calculating the Premium

There are several factors that will be considered when calculating the premium for the personal health insurance policy. You should consider applying for the personal health insurance policy if you want long-term protection for yourself and your family and don’t want to worry about any unforeseen life incidents. We also cater to people who are already suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems. When you apply for an insurance quote, we will recommend a doctor that you should go to for a thorough medical check-up.

Going to a doctor helps determine any underlying medical conditions and also gives you an idea of your overall health and fitness levels. These are important factors that are taken into account when calculating the premium. In our opinion, personal health insurance policies can help you lead a fuller, better life without having to worry all the time.

We Provide Quality Insurance At The Best Rates

The personal insurance plan can help protect the future of your family. It can be used to pay for college education, for paying off any unpaid debts or bills and for setting up a secure future for your family in case you are not there anymore.

To get your domestic helper covered for accidents, illnesses, and likewise, you may also have to purchase maid insurance too.

We understand that buying a personal insurance policy is more than just a business transaction. It’s a promise based on trust between two parties. We promise to be there for you, your family, and all members of your household when it matters the most.

At Accord Insurance, we provide tailored health insurance policies that are designed according to the needs of the client. We believe that our customers deserve the peace of mind to go on about their life knowing that their family is protected even in their absence.

The personal insurance plan can help protect the future of your family. It can be used to pay for college education, for paying off any unpaid debts or bills and for setting up a secure future for your family in case you are not there anymore.

Now, we understand that for most people, buying a personal insurance plan is not such a good experience. They try to rush through it as much as possible. In many situations, people end up buying the wrong plan. At Accord Insurance, one of our agents will sit down with you and help you find an insurance plan that is tailored to your requirements. We will help you find an insurance plan that is affordable, easy to manage and most of all, delivers in your time of need.

We understand that the market is filled with different kinds of personal insurance products. As a result of that, we have tried to keep our plans as affordable as simple as can be. Apart from offering our own plans, we have a range of custom insurance policies that you can purchase through our platform as well.

If you want to buy a personal health insurance policy through Accord Insurance, you should contact us for a quote today. One of our representatives will get in touch with you and help you choose a viable insurance plan based on your requirements. We guarantee you the best premium rates in the country. We work with Singapore’s leading risk advisors to ensure that we give the most competitive quotes in the market. At Accord Insurance, we believe that you should value yourself higher than everyone else. Protect yourself and the future of your loved ones by purchasing a personal health insurance for yourself.

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